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Be yourself  自分らしく生きるために

"Be yourself" is our motto.

This concept consists of 3 essences.


1. Be strong  強さ

Being afraid to fail causes failure.

Success is not only measured by results of exams or competitions.

Whatever happens, however, you have to be always strong mentally and physically to accomplish what you want.


2. Be humble 謙虚さ

Because of your friends who are stronger than you, you can learn how to improve your ability and skills from them.

Because of your friends who are weaker than you, you can learn how to help and protect people from them.

You can get stronger and stronger with your friends.


3. Be patient 我慢

In your life, you are sometimes faced with something which you can't control.

At the moment you should not control the things but yourself.

Changing yourself can change people and things around you.


In accordance with these 3 essences, KSC disciplines children physically and mentally. 






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